What is the UN-SWAP?
On 13 April 2012, the Chief Executives Board for Coordination (CEB) endorsed the UN-SWAP for application throughout the UN system. The UN-SWAP (UN system-wide Action Plan) is a UN system-wide accountability framework designed to measure, monitor and drive progress towards a common set of standards to which to aspire and adhere for the achievement of gender equality and the empowerment of women. It applies to all entities, departments and offices of the UN system.

UN entities are to meet all of the UN-SWAP performance standards by 2017. Those with a mainly technical focus may meet them by 2019.

How to use this web-based reporting system
Log-in to the system using your UN email address and the password provided to you.

1. Click on "Your PI Report" page.
2. Go to the PI report row in the Performance Indicator reports list and select "Insert" under the Action column.
3. Click on the Go link to insert Performance Indicator data.
4. Click on meets or exceeds requirements to see help text. The more detailed Technical Notes that explain how to use each UN SWAP Performance Indicator can be accessed through each Performance Indicator page or through the Resources Tab. It is recommended you download these Technical Notes as a key reference for completing reporting.
5. Enter the data - all mandatory forms are marked with *.
6. Click the “Additional Comments” link beneath the text box on the left hand side of the Performance Indicators page to enter Additional Comments.
7. Click on "Save & Submit". You will only be able to submit when all mandatory boxes are completed.
   Save & Submit will save the data and submit it for review.
8. After data submission, the system will send a notification mail to the site administrator so that s/he can approve the report data.
9. If data revision is required after submission, please contact the UN Help Desk using the email in the Help tab specifying what revision needs to be carried out.
10. Data can be exported to excel from the Your PI Report tab page.
11. Print- Printing can be done from the Print Report option inside the Report -> Rating Report option.
12. Technical support is available for the completion of your report. For support in using the web-based reporting system, go to IT support under the Help Tab. For support in completing the forms, go to Helpdesk under the Help Tab.

Saving is possible at any point. Clicking Save will save the data into the database for future reference.
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